What is Kaidan?

Kaidan is an archaic Japanese word that means ‘strange discussions’ usually pertaining to ghost stories or encounters with Japanese goblins and demons. It was part of a story-telling game tradition since at the least the 15th century. Its only right that a commercial RPG setting exists that serves the 3x/Pathfinder community that maintains that ancient tradition.

I’m half Japanese (through my mother) and as acknowledgement to my heritage, my love of ghost stories, and my love of RPG gaming, I decided to create Kaidan: Japanese Ghost Story setting.

I am developing this as a Patronage Project, as an imprint under Rite Publishing. My lead designer and author is Jonathan McAnulty of Open Design Project/Kobold Quarterly. I’ve got cover and interior art by Jan Pospisil, Mark Hyzer, Jason Rainville, Simon Turnbull and some by myself.

As a ‘staff member’ of Rite Publishing (at least for this project), I am the concept creator, the primary game developer, a game designer, art director, the cartographer (my true skill) and layout artist.

Kaidan is a feudal Japan inspired horror setting. There’s a little Oriental Adventures and a little Ravenloft, with even some anime influence, but refined for greater authenticity with its own twisted rules: new monster races, new monsters, new classes, magic items inspired by Weapons of Legacy and much more.

Coming in June and throughout the summer, Cubicle 7 will be releasing a 60 page soft cover print edition of the 3 adventures set on the isles of the Empire of Kaidan as an introduction to the setting, called The Curse of the Golden Spear: Part 1 – The Gift, Part 2 – Dim Spirit, and Part 3 – Dark Path.

Kaidan is an exotic dark fantasy archipelago of islands where the rulers are undead, yurei ghosts, yokai goblins and oni demons hide or blend in with society. When you die, there is no resurrection, reincarnation or raise dead, rather you are cursed to travel a demented cycle of reincarnation, based on the Buddhist Hells, and hard wired into the caste system, so that you multi-class across multiple lifetimes. Though even what is beyond death is a very treacherous thing.

If an authentic Japanese horror setting intrigues you check out our products, one already released: In the Company of Kappa, and Rite Publishing’s upcoming list of Kaidan adventures and supplements.

This is my first venture as a game designer/publisher and I’m making sure I have the best shot at doing so through my industry connections as a pro fantasy cartographer.



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