Aquatic work camp encounter map

So I decided to participate in this month’s Mapping Challenge at the Cartographers’ Guild which was to create a map depicting an aquatic civilization. I decided to create a few hovels of stacked rock and a small sea cave on either side of current cut channel – a kind of ‘sea river’, and that is what I called it.

I never figured out who lives here, though obviously some aquatic water breathing humanoid. There are tridents, spears and a net in the hovels to suggest what kind of being my inhabit this environ along the continental shelf in 80 feet of water.

Nets are placed at the end of the current cut channel in an attempt to mine finished goods that have fallen into a river and washed out to sea, too heavy to float, but still caught in this strong current. Note the junk pile behind the two hovels on the north side of the channel. Apparently it’s slim pickings as this area would be filled with accumulated junk in better seasons.

Here’s the map itself. I am considering making a sliced PDF version of this 18 x 24 map to offer as a free download from the forum site.


Sea River Village - undersea site map

Link to full-scalled version: SeaRiver Vilage


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