My name is Michael K. Tumey. I am a graphic designer and small business owner in the rural midwest US. Although I’ve been playing D&D in all its iterations since 1977 as well as many other roleplaying games, only in the last three years have I actually gotten involved in the RPG industry.

Three years ago, I started Gamer Printshop – specializing in the large format full color RPG map Print-on-Demand services with an agressively low price with lamination, shipped worldwide (USPS). Now I am the exclusive printer/distributor for Wolfgang Baur’s Free City of Zobeck map for Open Design Project, and several other major publishers, as well as cartographer collections.

A few months after I started my map printing business, I became a member of the Cartographers’ Guild and really learned the ropes of professional fantasy map design. After participating and winning several of site’s monthly mapping challenge, a kind of a contest. I starting getting offers to design maps for small RPG publishers. In the last two and half years, I’ve been commissioned by: Dog House Rules, Mongoose Publishing, Iron Crown Enterprises, Mythic Games, Conflict RPG, ProFantasy Software, as well as many individual private game masters.

Last year it became clear to me that I wanted to try and publish my own setting, campaigns and modules and decided to do that for Paizo Publishing’s Pathfinder RPG. I’ve got some industry connections, know some excellent industry artists and I’m the cartographer. I’ve done copy editing, page layout, logo design, web design and am moderately skilled in writing – I had more than enough skillsets to bring this dream to fruition.

Because of my Japanese heritage (mother), and my disappointment with various fantasy RPG Japan settings from Oriental Adventures, to L5R and others, I’ve always wanted to create my own. To bring a dark twist, I decided to integrate concepts of Asian Horror while relying on ancient myth and folklore, as well as a rich ghost story tradition to create Kaidan: a Japanese Ghost Story setting. Kaidan literally means “ghost or horror story”.

This is my first publishing project, but am involved with several others.

The purpose of this blog and the Free RPG Maps website is to provide free RPG battle maps that is system/edition neutral twice per week as PDF and other format downloads. With that being the traffic generator, I want to promote products, services, cartographic insider knowledge, game development ideas and more. I even plan to post my Kaidan setting gazetteer as primary update website content as well.

Michael K. Tumey


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