Free Map Objects Now Available!

I decided to create 10 free map objects that correspond to the Heavy Woods Endless Terrain Battlemap set for March, though many could be used with any terrain. I offer them as a free 2 page PDF letter size (I need to make appropriate European size A1).

forest map objects

Also a Zip file containing all 10 objects as 100 ppi transparent PNG files.

The map objects include: bedroll, lean-to with 2 bedrolls beneath, pup tent, campfire, cave entrance, natural spring, a large rock, an open 10×10 spiked pit trap, pit trap partially covered, and pit trapped covered.

I plan to do at least 10 new map objects each month.


Created a Map Gallery

I’ve created a map gallery on the Free RPG Maps Community Forum and for now I have some of my map work posted there in two threads – one on hand-drawn work, one on digital only maps.

Free RPG Maps – Map Gallery

Hand Drawn Contest Map

I’ve contacted members of the Cartographers’ Guild to hopefully start their own threads and post their maps as well. I want to avoid the posting of commercial projects, rather keep the maps to personal works, contest entries and the like. I want maps that the community can share under Creative Commons License to use in their own personal games.

While the main ‘Free Map’ aspect to the site are the download bonus maps for the Endless Terrain Battlemap series, I also want other free maps available to the community.


Now Virtual Terrain app version of the Map Tile set for $1.95 per month!

Announcing a new subscription is avaialble for digital only versions of the Endless Terrain Battlemap set is now available for only $1.95 per month. You must select image resolution from the drop down menu: 30 ppi, 50 ppi or 100 ppi versions as applicable to your favorite VT application (MapTool, Fantasy Grounds, etc.)

We also fixed in error in the regular printed map tile subscription which did not allow you to select your preferred grid type: 1 inch square, 1 inch hex, or no grid. That has been corrected.

Subscribe today!


Sponsoring a One Page Dungeon Contest Prize

Free RPG Maps is sponsoring a 6 month subscription for our Endless Terrain Battlemap sets and bonus maps for the One Page Dungeon Contest. Read more

If you look at the link for all entries in 2010, you’ll find my 2010 entry “Necromancer’s Lair”, I missed one of the criteria for winning last year, even though mine was a favorite. I am participating again this year (with the stipulation that if I win, I don’t want my own sponsored prize!)

Here’s my entry for last year’s One Page Dungeon Contest:

Necromancer's Crypt - hand drawn map


Free RPG Maps website is now open!

FREE RPG MAPS website is now open!

Heavy Woods - Rocky Hill map tile

We have a free map for you to download located on the site’s community forum, you’ll need to signup to the forum to download your map which comes available as an 11 x 17 sliced multi-page PDF file available as square or hex grid, as well as gridless JPG files for use with VT apps.

Check it out today!

Michael “GP” Tumey

What kind of RPG maps can you expect?

What Kind of RPG Maps Can You Expect?

I am a pro fantasy cartographer creating RPG maps and map objects commissions for many RPG publishers, as well as creating the maps and more for my own publishing projects. My clients include: Mongoose Publishing, Dog House Rules, Iron Crown Enterprises, Dementia 5 Publishing, Mythic Games, Conflict RPG and others. So you can expect professional quality and imaginative designs.

Map Styles

I create maps in many styles (and you can expect to see all of them over time):

  • Hand-drawn maps overlayed onto beveled shapes for a hybrid hand-digital style
  • Completely digital creations – beveled shapes, photo textures and 3D objects
  • Fantasy map settings ready made for use D&D 4e battlemaps with varied terrain, but all maps are still game system neutral, so any System, any Edition.
  • Other genres: feudal Japan, historical fantasy, old west, sci-fi and others

Map Formats for Download

I will be posting thumbnail of the current map along with blog post on that day, and a link to the page with the map in multiple formats for download, including:

  • Full scale full color and grayscale (some as lineart) one piece PDF
  • Full scale map sliced into printable letter size pages are home printing or POD
  • Hex and Square grids or gridless options available for appropriate system use
  • 1 inch = 5 feet scale (usable for 1 square or hex = 1 meter)

RPGNow, POD and Full Size Printing Available

All maps will also be made available as a free download from RPGNow. They will also be made available as paid-for hard copies from LULU and at full size from Gamer Printshop.

The rest of the site is currently under construction, but once complete Free RPG Map production will begin in earnest. Expect early June for official start!

Michael K. Tumey